Wells & Woodhead

“Masters of Mayhem”


Internationally renowned vaudevillians, Wells & Woodhead (aka: Masters of Mayhem) have a new show called FOOLZ: a character-driven amalgam of music, circus arts and comedy that demonstrates the power of synchronicity between two performers with vastly different dispositions.

Wells, the 'dapper Dane,' and Woodhead, the ‘bumbling fool,’ take the audience on a fun-filled ride where anything joyous seems possible. Their circus skills are in the outer limits, but the rudiment of their art is their ability to connect with the crowd.  It’s not so much what they do, but rather who they are that creates empathy and pathos with their audience, insuring they’ll be wearing their happy faces long after the show is over.

Recent appearances include: the nationally televised Chinese Comedy Festival from Beijing, The HBO Comedy Festival in Las Vegas, “Le Plus Grande Cabaret Du Monde”, (Europe’s top-rated TV show), and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


“Foolz was the most fun I can remember having in ages!”

Jefferson Westwood, Rockefeller Arts Center, NY

“Foolz” at Le Plus Grande Cabaret Du Monde, Paris France

“The funniest, most original act I’ve ever seen!” - Gregory Hines

“Wow!  What a perfect way to open the season”.

Parm Armstrong, Sagebrush Theatre, Kamloo[s, BC Canada